An end-to-end tracking service takes vehicle or fleet monitoring and observation to a completely different level. High end technologies ensure that absolute visibility is achieved in real time, during the loading, transport and unloading of consignments. Here are the types of tracking systems deployed by RRPL-

GPS Based Tracking:

Using GPS technology, every vehicle is tracked using an App Based System. It helps in setting the pace of the transport, and assists in efficient movement of the fleet. GPS-based immobilizer technology has been introduced to get further details like 'actual drive time' and to make sure that no vehicle thefts happen.

SIM Based Tracking:

At times when the real time location, transit details, or delivery of the material are not visible, SIM Based Tracking comes to the rescue. It provides SIM location conveyed by network towers, thus ensuring that the vehicle, and its assets are tracked even when GPS signal is lost.



Raman Roadways Private Limited firmly stands as India's leading logistics service provider. For 30+ years, RRPL has put an unflinching emphasis on providing maximum value and absolute customer satisfaction. By providing multi-modal services that deploy transportation by land, sea and air, RRPL stands out as a versatile logistics company.

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RRPL's innovation backed Plant Automation process is the most sophisticated and advanced automation system in India. Using this technological advantage, RRPL has been able to achieve inspiring efficiency where everything is taken care of by system automation.

The RFID based Plant and Yard Automation is highly capable of monitoring and controlling the Plant and Yard TAT. The Weighbridge automation is unmanned and paperless, which consumes 5x lesser time to get completed, hence saving an unprecedented amount of time. Weighments are accurately captured, and consignments are assigned as per the vehicle capacity during the loading process.

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Powered by the TMS platform, RRPL ensures that logistic movements happen smoothly and effectively by introducing the power of collaboration amidst different teams at various stages. Advanced technology helps in optimized scheduling, effective dispatch algorithms, real-time traffic, route selection, intra-plant truck movement, and real-time TAT summary. At the Control Tower, RRPL is equipped with interactive dashboards, predictive analytics and intuitive reports that help in resourceful vehicle utility.

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RRPL takes an uncompromising approach to ensure the safety of the vehicles, the drivers, and the consignments. This begins right at the plant where the loading and unloading process takes place. RRPL installs reverse camerasto facilitate safer reverse-gear movements. This installation not only ensures safer transfer of assets but also reduces accidents that often occur in the reverse gear mode to the lowest possible extent.

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