Adding Tremendous Value To Logistics
With Single Window Bulk Contracts!

Logistics is a challenging process that involves man and material on a large scale. But, when it comes to logistics specifically in India, it's a challenge like no other. India has a vast and diverse land that has various regions having challenging geography, arduous terrains and extreme climatic conditions.

From a logistics viewpoint, India is divided into clusters or zones. Due to territorial differences, varying population density and the remoteness of areas, all clusters don't have the same distribution of goods and resources. Also, due to varying seasons, the importance of these zones keep differing. Thus, the vehicles used in logistics and transportation are generally moved to cater to the more profitable ones.

Problem Of Multiple Transporters:

Companies, by tradition, like to keep things competitive to keep transporters on toes, and get the best price for availing logistics and transportation services. They prefer having a transporter for each of their plants in different zones. But, by doing so, they create a lot of problems for themselves, like-

  • They are devoid of a bankable transporter
  • There's always uncertainty that a trustworthy transporter will be replaced by an equally bankable one
  • It's difficult to have transporters with the capability of managing mass orders across zones
  • Most significantly, it is very challenging to find transporters who can efficiently undertake projects of all zones, especially when less-profitable zones are involved
  • A lot of time is wasted in communicating with all plants and transporters when a consignment is to be managed

RRPL Single Window Bulk Contract:

Single Window Bulk Contract simply means having the approval of a company to manage multiple plants across multiple zones under one contract. With an impeccable record, a reputation to be proud of and with an impressive logistics infrastructure, RRPL is India's most trusted transporter. Utilizing a Single Window Bulk Contract, RRPL has pacified various businesses' pain points and solved the following problems-

  • With 650+ self-owned vehicles, and 1,05,000+ market vehicles of any type in our reach, RRPL can take up logistics and transportation work across any cluster, singularly, or even simultaneously
  • RRPL helps companies cut cost by providing a single source for infrastructure
  • It's difficult to have transporters with the capability of managing mass orders across zones
  • Communication between plants and transporters is impeccable and happens at an unprecedented speed because RRPL has a one transporter for one plant strategy. Moreover, every concerned person assigned with a plant is connected to a single point-of-contact. So, companies don't have to contact different people in the same process. Here, one person looks after the requirements of multiple plants saving time and precious resources, while making the process simple and hassle-free
  • In cases where the vehicles are not available, RRPL moves it's own vehicles to meet the compliance

Adding Value With Innovation:

Apart from the mentioned benefits, RRPL has also led the change in the logistics and transportation sector, and helped companies grow. Some of the notable value additions are-

Digitization: RRPL introduced digital documentation, verification and identification of vehicles and drivers. This made processes transparent, fast, and err-free.

Tracking: By helping companies monitor each and every movement of their goods, RRPL assured the safety of consignments, and also helped clients feel in control.

Single Window Bulk Contract creates a win-win situation where clients get a single service that solves all their problems, across zones, while RRPL gets to serve it's clients - like Vedanta, Sterlite Copper, Balco, Bharat Aluminum, Bhansali Steel & HUL - on a large scale which is financially more feasible.