RRPL's Multi Location Handling
Partnered The Growth Of HUL!

RRPL has been associated with HUL for a long time, and right since the outset we've been partnering their growth by providing impeccable and often flexible and innovative logistics and transportation solutions. We started off by managing one location, and today, we're handling their 3rd logistics hub at Abu Road.

We've been by HUL's side as the turnover grew over the years, and has reached Rs.125 crores! Our contribution has been key in providing cost-effective, high volume and long distance solutions. We have excelled at managing multiple locations, and HUL is one of the topmost beneficiaries.

Here are 4 ways how we efficiently make multiple location handling work-

One Source One Solution

Time is of great essence in logistics, so is simplicity. Simpler the process, lesser time it takes. But, generally, when there are multiple locations to manage, the information has to be relayed to multiple people tasked with different activities. This makes the process complex and full of hassles. But, RRPL identified this problem, and provided a single point of contact so that all requirements and their solutions are received and provided from one source only. This made logistics processes, especially for HUL, easier, simpler, more bankable and faster. Added to this, we have an unmatched inclination to provide customer support. We are available at any time of the day and we're willing to solve any kind of problem in order to ensure a seamless logistics and transportation experience.

Direct To Vendor

In traditional and prevalent practices, the goods were first dispatched to a Depot, from which it was distributed by middlemen, and then it finally reached the vendors selling HUL products. We disrupted this system by creating one where the goods are transported directly to the vendor. This further saved time, money, fuel and hassles. Sumerpur and Chiplun are 2 such locations where this system worked quite successfully, just like every other location where it was introduced.

Tech First

Our experience in the field, and our infrastructure made us bankable but it was the implementation of innovative ideas, and the introduction of new technology that gave us the upper hand. We introduced new technology to logistics and transportation before anyone else, and before it was even recognized. This made processes more transparent, and our service more dependable. An example of this is the Digital Document Verification system that we brought in. Every vehicle, its documents, the driver and his documents were quickly and flawlessly verified digitally, reducing the possibility of theft and fraud. This also safeguarded the precious goods that were entrusted to us.

Small Vehicles

In order to be a one-stop-solution, we did not just undertake large scale orders. Understanding that the goods have to be delivered not just to major locations, but also to remote areas, we started providing smaller vehicles having a capacity of 7-9 tonnes. This way we ensured that even the remotest areas are covered by us, and all of HUL's products are available for purchase at any given point of time. RRPL is committed to partnering your growth and is always striving to bring in better, more effective and tech inclined solutions so that, just like HUL, even you get to make the most of our impeccable logistics and transportation solutions!