Late Shri Gyanchandji Gandhi Late Shri Gyanchandji Gandhi (1940-2012) Affectionately called “Dadaji” was the founder of RAMAN ROADWAYS which came into existence in 1960. Gyanchandji Gandhi was a social activist. Along with having professional ethics he also had social ethics and worked for the betterment of the people and society.
Company Promoter

Mr. Kishore Gandhi
(Managing Director)
Mr. Sanket Gandhi
(Executive Director)
Mr. Jayant Gandhi
(Executive Director)
Key Managerial Person

Mr. Bhanwar Rawal
He joined the company in the year of 1994 as an operational clerk, and has been heading the Finance Department, salute his hard work and the consistent efforts directed in the goodwill for the company. A driven individuals as he is , he believes that punctuality is not just limited to arriving at a place on time, or meeting the deadlines but in taking right decisions with full responsibility.
Mr. Dilip Kothari
He joined the company in the year of 1993, And has been an integral part of the company since then. The never-say-die attitude, Combined with sincere effort at work has paid him a good rapport with the people associated with the company. A quick learner as he is, He believes that learning is an on-going process, and that, One should never stop being curious.
Mr. M. K. Jain
(Marketing Head)
He joined the company in the year of 2007, And has played a major role in carving an identity for the company in the market. He gave a vision to the company, and with his forward thoughts , fueled the success through the growth, The company has made in the recent years. He believes that a good year to call the discussions and brainstorming can lead to new horizons, and broadening of the perspectives, Which is what any company would expect from its employees.
Mr. Sanjay Jain
(Regional Head, North)
He joined the company in the year of 1995 as an operational clerk, and has grown to the position of regional head. This has been possible due to his dedicated efforts put in the right direction, Combined with a strong will strive for the best, and do the best for the company. Outspoken and personality as he is , He believes that one can always win a situation if the mind is open to people’s opinion but governed by the principle of integrity and acceptance .